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Hi! I’m Brahma, an expert in teeth straightening.
I can resolve the following problems:
Simple to complex crowded and crooked teeth; Bucked teeth; Retruded teeth; Cross bite; Over bite / Deep bite; Under bite / open bite; Dental centerlines correction; Underdeveloped / Overdelevopled jaws; Helping unerupted / Impacted teeth; Habit breaking like Thumb or any digits sucking; Mouth breathing; Tongue thrusting; Gaps or spaces between teeth; Regaining lost spaces for Implants or veneers or crowns; Jaw clicking; Night grinding; Relapse prevention using fixed retainers, Essix Retainers, Vivera Retainers etc.

I also provide treatment for facial wrinkles and fillers for lips etc.
I graduated as a dentist in 1999 and worked as an associate in various practices. Following this, I moved to Romania for specific training in orthodontics for a period of three years from 2002-2005. I then moved to the UK where I worked in several orthodontic practices before I became owner of Queensgate Dental Practice. I currently also work as a consulting orthodontist at Kiss Dental and Malmin Dental Practice in Manchester. I provide expert orthodontic treatments to all my patients and can help patients achieve a straight smile using a variety of different techniques and brace systems, including:
Invisalign for adults; Invisalign for teens; Clear ceramic braces; six-month smiles; Inman aligner; Orthocaps; Fast braces; Incognito lingual braces; Damon Metal and clear braces; Simpli5 aligner system; Smarclip SL braces; Twin Blocks; Habit breaking Appliances; Other Removable appliances; All transfer braces from other countries.

Lavanya qualified in 2001 from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, India with top marks In Physiology, Biochemisrty General Surgery and Orthodontics. She moved to the U.K in 2001. She passed IQE ( International Qualifying Examination) in 2006 ans did her Vocational Training in Bolton. In 2008 she obtained her MJDF from RCS in London.


She has worked in independent and corporate practices before she joined Good Dentist in October 2019.


She is a Qualified Invisalign provider and is also interested in other components of aesthetic dentistry.


Lavanya has over 13 years experience in general dental practice. She is passionate about Dentistry and always has a lovely smile and puts our patients at ease.


Nidhi qualified from India and worked for a couple of years there before she moved to the UK . She qualified the overseas exams in the UK and after working in Manchester for a few years she started practicing in Good Dentist from 2019. Nidhi has special interest in smile enhancement procedures like composite bondings, whitening treatments , veneers and aesthetic fillings. She is also particularly interested in endodontic procedures. She attends courses to keep herself updated with the advancements in the field of dentistry . She is very friendly and if u are scared of dental treatment she will definitely make you at ease during the procedure .

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