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Fast Braces

What makes Fastbraces® so great?

There’s one thing they’re known for and I bet you can guess what it is… their speed! Fastbraces® patented orthodontic treatment can provide results in approximately half the time of traditional braces, using innovative technology that produces a beautiful smile quickly, efficiently and comfortably. How?  Traditional braces tend to work over a period of around two years, first by realigning the crown of each tooth, followed by realigning the root.  The innovative Fastbraces® system uses triangle-shaped brackets with fine, specially shaped wires to combine these steps, correcting the positon of the root and crown simultaneously from the very beginning of treatment.  In addition, only one wire is needed compared to traditional braces, which often require multiple wires and tightening procedures.  Clients see results in a matter of months, not years. For more information on Fastbraces®, visit their website:

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