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Extractions and Oral Dentistry

Your teeth need professional care and supervision, we at Good Dentist offer you what is professional and best proven oral dental science.

What is dental extraction?

Though we are dedicated to prevent and treat damages, at times the damage is too severe to be treated. The only resort is extracting the tooth/ teeth. When restorative methods fail, it is important to take a strict measure like extraction. A common condition where dental extraction becomes important to include:

  • Gruesome teeth decay
  • Severe gum infection which might affect the overall oral health if left untreated
  • Infected or painful wisdom teeth
  • Any orthodontic procedure that demands tooth removal

Should I be worried about the procedure?

Dental extractions are more terrifying than they are painful. Most of the time, people feel insecure and uncomfortable before contacting the dental expert. At Good Dentist, we make sure the patients feel relaxed and secured. We discuss all sort of post-treatment options and ensure that every query is treated with a satisfactory answer. To ensure the procedure is not painful, we use advanced and effective anesthesia and sedatives.

How much time does the procedure take?

It depends upon your dental condition. The dental expert will first analyze the condition of your tooth/ teeth to find out if there is some another way to treat the problem. If not, the expert will explain the entire situation to you and upon confirmation, fix a session for extraction.

This can be done on the same day, depending upon the time and availability of both expert and the patient. The procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes. However, in some cases, anesthesia works slowly and may take a few extra minutes before the patient feels completely numb.

What should I do to calm down, I feel panicked?

Most of the people have a phobia of dental extractions. It is better to have someone with you at the time of the procedure. If you are accompanying someone to the clinic, give them support to face the situation by talking about the positive things.

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