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Prevention is better than cure and dental checkups are a way to prevent minor problems become gruesome. Check-ups can be explained as a process of examination of mouth, teeth and gums by an expert. Our professionals offer expert checkups and consultation on your oral health, which includes an amalgam of clinical treatments and positive home-based dental health routine.

What happens during a dental checkup?

Usually, expert dentists suggest 6 dental checkups in a year or more depending upon your oral health. Usually, the process has two phases- check-up and Scale & Polish.


Check-up is a process where the Good Dentist expert dentist will look into every nook and corner of your mouth to find out traces of cavities, infection, harmful bacteria or any other dental problem. The dentist will check your teeth for the presence of plaque, gums and in between the teeth for any cavities and then tongue, throat, neck and face to find any unusual growth of tissues.

Scale & Polish:

When you have plaque, your teeth need a little scaling and polishing. We have modern equipment to scale your teeth and take out any stubborn or large plague deposits. Once the plaque or tartar build-up is removed, we then polish your teeth to a perfect white.

What should you tell the dentist?

When you visit the Good Dentist Dental Expert the first time, tell them about your oral health history, your phobias about dental health or any other important thing about oral health and hygiene.

Are dental check-ups painful?

We use specialized methods and skills to remove all the plaque and tartar buildup. Technologies like ultrasonic scaler allow us to remove the impurities from your teeth smoothly and painlessly. Besides being very effective, it is also a gentle method of cleaning teeth and gums.

When should I come for the next check-up?

Once your first visit with the Good Dentist dental expert is over, you will be confirmed about the next visit. The duration of the next visit depends upon your oral health condition and differ from one individual to another

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