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Emergency Dental Care

An aching tooth or an accidental knockout are uninvited emergencies that can cause you some real trouble. They can come anytime- day or night – and leave you with a major tooth loss and other prospective problems. A complete emergency dental care program can help you from facing any untimely dental problem.

When should I see a dentist?

Dental injuries can be disastrous if not dealt with skills at the right time. It is recommended that you reach the dentist within 30 minutes to prevent any tooth decay from falling. At Good Dentist, we have a full-fledged emergency department to deal with all types of dental emergency cases. We request you to explain your condition thoroughly so that our experts can help you with the best solution.

Some emergency dental conditions you should know about:

Knocked out tooth:

In case of a knocked out tooth, you need to find the tooth first. It is important that you hold it by the crown and not the root. Also, make sure no tissues or fragments are lost while handling. You must rush to the dentist, however, the severity of the condition must be assessed by the expert only.

Tooth decay (chipping, crack or fracture):

Wash the area with lukewarm water, then apply ice to the area to prevent inflammation or swelling. You need to reach the dentist so that the further process can be assessed ASAP.


Clean the area with lukewarm water, remove any sort of impurities between the teeth. Put a cold compress on the swelled up area. Never put aspirin directly on the gum or tooth or it can affect the tooth tissues. Take any pain relief table on the advice of dentist or pharmacist.


An abscess is a common local infection that affects the root of the tooth or any space between teeth or gums. It not treated in time, it can affect the tooth permanently and also damage the tissue on the gum.

Lost filling or crown:

You can lose a filing or crown from a cavity that develops underneath. The cavity loosens the crown or filling and it eventually falls out. The teeth will be exposed to hot and cold temperature and must be treated on a timely basis.

How to prevent a dental emergency?

You can prevent any dental injury by being a little preventive. Ensure you wear a mouth guard while playing any sport. The mouth guard must be made to fit your specific denture measurement.

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