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Hi! I’m Brahma, an expert in teeth straightening.
I can resolve the following problems:
Simple to complex crowded and crooked teeth; Bucked teeth; Retruded teeth; Cross bite; Over bite / Deep bite; Under bite / open bite; Dental centerlines correction; Underdeveloped / Overdelevopled jaws; Helping unerupted / Impacted teeth; Habit breaking like Thumb or any digits sucking; Mouth breathing; Tongue thrusting; Gaps or spaces between teeth; Regaining lost spaces for Implants or veneers or crowns; Jaw clicking; Night grinding; Relapse prevention using fixed retainers, Essix Retainers, Vivera Retainers etc.

I also provide treatment for facial wrinkles and fillers for lips etc.
I graduated as a dentist in 1999 and worked as an associate in various practices. Following this, I moved to Romania for specific training in orthodontics for a period of three years from 2002-2005. I then moved to the UK where I worked in several orthodontic practices before I became owner of Queensgate Dental Practice. I currently also work as a consulting orthodontist at Kiss Dental and Malmin Dental Practice in Manchester. I provide expert orthodontic treatments to all my patients and can help patients achieve a straight smile using a variety of different techniques and brace systems, including:
Invisalign for adults; Invisalign for teens; Clear ceramic braces; six-month smiles; Inman aligner; Orthocaps; Fast braces; Incognito lingual braces; Damon Metal and clear braces; Simpli5 aligner system; Smarclip SL braces; Twin Blocks; Habit breaking Appliances; Other Removable appliances; All transfer braces from other countries.

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