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Stain Removal

Stain Removal

In general, if patients don’t maintain their oral health and don’t make appointments to their dentists it is guaranteed that the look of their smile will be compromised. Regular check-ups at the dentist will lead to great long-lasting smile. Dentist can present to their patient all new trends and advanced techniques that can be used to improve their smile. At Good Dentist we want all our patients to have healthy teeth and leave our practice smiling. Even though everyone seems to want bright, white teeth, there are alternatives to the teeth whitening process.

Air flow polishing is a great option, which is a similar alternative to the professional teeth whitening systems we offer. The main difference is that in this innovative method there is now bleaching required.

It is good to know what causes stains on your teeth. There are so many foods, drinks and habits that can cause teeth to stain and discolour over time. But the best way to maintain good oral health is to have good oral hygiene habits. There are also some systematic diseases which may affect the teeth condition. Diabetes can cause stains on the patient’s teeth, and people also have to know that their teeth can get yellowish with the ageing process. Another thing to consider is that the food and drink can discolour the teeth. The main stain causes are coffee, tea, spicy food, red wine, and tobacco.

Regular visits to a dental hygienist will keep the bright smile up to date. In some cases, the patients may need a deeper cleaning, which can’t be helped by brushing alone.

It is good to know what to expect when you’re sitting in the dental chair and waiting for your stain-removal treatment to begin. For this treatment, the dental hygienist uses a jet system for removing the stains and the plaque. This procedure consists of the combination of three tools such as air, a jet of water, and sodium bicarbonate. The water under the air pressure is utilised for blasting the plaque away, and the baking soda acts as natural pumice in order to remove the stains which are caused by smoking, drinking, and eating.

This system is a great option because it is cheaper than most teeth whitening procedures and the patient will immediately achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

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