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Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth means your mouth is at a risk of developing severe oral problems. Contacting an expert at Good dentist is the best way to make sure you can get your teeth inspected and treated in time and prevent any future complications:

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

If you are experiencing a sharp sting like a pain in your teeth after consuming hot, cold or sour food, you have teeth sensitivity problem. An easy way to assess your teeth sensitivity at home is running your finger across the joint of the gum and the teeth. If you feel a sharp pain, your teeth are sensitive.

How did my teeth become sensitive?

There are many possible reasons your teeth can become sensitive. One of the primary reasons for teeth sensitivity is scrapping or scaling of the teeth. While removing the plaque and calcified tartar is important to maintain dental hygiene, it is critical to ensure you get it done by an expert.

In another case, you might have an oral problem that has damaged the enamel of your teeth. In such cases also, your teeth can become sensitive to temperature changes.

Common reasons for enamel damage:

Poor brushing technique is the primary reason for teeth sensitivity. If you are not brushing your teeth properly or using a hard brush. Fast and aggressive brushing technique can also cause significant damage to the upper layer of the teeth.

Sensitive teeth treatment:

Sensitive teeth can be a lot painful if not dealt with professional care in time. An expert at Good dentist will help you with your sensitive teeth condition. We perform a thorough examination of your dental condition to assess the extent of the damage. Then, we suggest you a routine to prevent tooth sensitivity in long run. If you are already suffering from severe teeth sensitivity, the expert will apply a varnish-like solution to your teeth which offers instant but temporary relief

If you are suffering from consistent teeth sensitivity and conservative treatments are of no help, consider it as an indication of a grave problem and consult an expert right away.

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