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Gum disease and recession

Maintaining oral health is important and gum disease and prevention is an important part of it. Brushing your teeth regularly and then flossing them is advised by doctors for a happy smile. While most of understand this, there are people who still consider flossing as a non-core oral hygiene activity.

Common reasons For Gum diseases:

The most common reason of gum diseases is a plaque. It usually grows on the teeth and beneath the gums. Plaque is a combination of remaining food particles and saliva that combines together to make a slimy residue which sticks to the teeth. When accumulated in huge quantities, it causes tooth decay, gum inflammation, swelling and more.

Different stages of Gum disease:

There are a number of problems that have roots in Gum diseases. This includes bad breath, severe toothaches, shabby teeth, and in severe cases heart disease, and respiratory infections. The common stages of Gum diseases include:

  • Gingivitis:

The primary stage of gum disease is Gingivitis. Redness, swelling of gums and inflammation are the common symptoms of this stage. If you have bleeding from gums after you brush, you might have Gingivitis. In the later stage of this problem, the teeth may recede out of the gum and the open cavity is exposed to the risk of plaque deposits. The common side-effects of this condition are bad breath and other complications.

  • Periodontitis:

When gingivitis is not attended on time, it can lead to Periodontitis. In this stage, the infection affects the bone and tissues supporting the tooth. The condition starts when tooth recedes from its position and cavities are open for plaque deposit. This allows bacteria to breed and as a result, the teeth get affected.

Treatment of Gum Diseases at Good Dentist:

Once you have the right dental care professional to look up to your problem, the treatment of gum diseases is easy. A thorough clean up can prevent and treat Gingivitis while Periodontitis needs deep scaling and root planning.

Preventing gum diseases is very important, once you are done with the treatment, you should follow a healthy and strict dental care and hygiene regime

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