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Children’s Dentistry

It is important to take your child for dental health assessment as soon as he/she turns two. As it is the kid’s first time in the clinic, nervousness and fear are common. We, at Good Dentist, make sure that the children get a comfortable and soothing start to their oral health journey.

What happens during the first dental visit?

In the first dental visit, we target to make your child comfortable with the dental chair. A dental expert will check your kid’s teeth and gums to look for any abnormalities. We also count the child’s teeth using a dental mirror.

Once checked, we happily answer any queries and doubts that you have about your child’s health. We offer you an account of the complete assessment of the child’s oral health according to age and development and advice for any prevention in future.

What is the next step in child dentistry?

As the child reaches the age of 4-6 years, we recommend performing a dental radiograph (X-ray). It is a modern technique that uses gentle radiations to assess the internal dental condition of the child. Because it is mild, it does not have any side-effects on the child. A dental radiograph allows the dentist assess the size, shape, position of teeth along with traces of any tooth decay, cavities or other problems.

How can I prepare my child for the first dental visit?

First of all, do not be nervous. Kids can easily pick anxiety trails from you and then they become impossible to handle. Explain to your child that it is just a regular checkup and there will be no procedure done. Do not mention any frightening words to them including decay, needle, toothache, drilling or more.

How can I help my children keep their teeth healthy?

We always recommend maintaining a healthy dental routine for your kids. As soon as you child grow teeth more than 3 in numbers, you must start brushing their teeth. Once there are self-sufficient, make them brush twice a day and also use floss for better cleaning. Educate them about oral health & hygiene so that they can raise an alarm in case they are facing any problem

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